Project Management

Sautner & Partner refined its 3-5-4 project methodology over many years to integrate CashPilot® software solutions in the leanest, most efficient ways possible, focusing on soft and hard factors of a project.


This method makes it easy to coordinate and steer a project and communicate a current project’s status. The 3-5-4 methodology is clearly structured, simple to understand, and modular, while simultaneously ensuring compliance with strategic goals and requirements.

3-5-4 stands for: 3 Areas of Focus – 5 Milestones – 4 Phases


3 Areas of Focus

The Foundation

We establish a common understanding of the goals, objectives, and requirements of the project and establish the framework for a schedule, quality, and finances.

The System

Based on this foundation, the CashPilot®Software will be customized and integrated to the test environment, and tested and prepared for a smooth transition to the live environment.

The Organisation

CashPilot®Software gets interlocked in the daily routine of the organisation and its users. Here, the know-how transfer, training, and support are the focus.

5 Milestones

Each phase has a milestone at its beginning and at its end. End milestones represent gates where go and no go decisions are made.

Milestones play an extremely important role in scheduling and monitoring the project; at the same time, they provide the base for the detailed planning of activities.

Milestone 1: Initialisation
Milestone 2: Project release
Milestone 3: Phase release implementation
Milestone 4: Phase release deployment
Milestone 5: Project conclusion and closure

4 Phases


The initiation phase sets the scene for a CashPilot®Software project, ensuring that all project objectives are in line with a customer’s goals and strategies. At the end of this phase the project foundations plan is produced, at which time it needs to be determined whether or not to begin the concept phase.


The described outcomes of the initiation phase build the base for the requirements and specifications of the IT architecture, communication channels, migration, protocols, and CashPilot®Software setup. At the end of this phase the concept is designed and feasible, at which time it needs to be determined whether or not to release the implementation phase.


CashPilot®Software is integrated into the operating infrastructure and passed through the required acceptance test. At the end of this phase the CashPilot®Software is deployed, the migration concept is prepared, and the deployment risk is assessed, at which time it needs to be determined whether or not to release the deployment phase.


The initial period of operation of CashPilot®Software is fully supported and all incidents are analysed and resolved. At the end of this phase the CashPilot®Software’s supporting materials are passed to the IT department, final project analysis is completed, and unresolved issues are documented and prioritized, at which time it needs to be determined whether or not to dissolve the project organization.

With the 3-5-4 Methodology from Sautner & Partner you, as project manager, will know at any time the current status of a project. Our controlling instruments provide an overview of the nominal and actual status in all relevant areas at any time.

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