CashPilot® is a software suite developed by Sautner & Partner for the cash logistics industry. It consists of ATM cost optimization and cash management, track & trace, and route optimization solutions. All solutions can be combined without creating redundant data and are fully complementary.

CashPilot®ATM, CashPilot®CIT, CashPilot®OSM: Three Musketeers at your service to celebrate the art of optimisation.


Cash management software solution for managing ATMs, CDMs, CRS, cash point and cash point group currency inventories and incidents. This software solution can be used to plan cash replenishments, deliveries and collections, and first- and second-level maintenance. It will improve cost-efficiency, end user satisfaction, and the security of cash logistics.



A new generation of CashPilot®CIT has been launched, featuring real-time tracking & tracing on state-of-the-art Android-based mobile devices, ranging from smartphone to high-end professional scanners!

Track & Trace solution for cash in transit operators. In addition to advanced track & trace capabilities, this solution features online tracking, real-time tracking of shipments, and extended reports for locations and customer. The software is currently helping six cash in transit companies in four different countries to provide evidence of the history and location of shipments along their value chain.


Route optimisation software that we specifically developed for the cash logistics industry to increase the stop frequency and to reduce the cost per stop. If used in combination with the CashPilot®CIT solution CashPilot®OSM offers monitoring of planned versus actual tour performance. It takes into account the special requirements of cash in transit operators, such as insurance limits, vehicle capacity, maximum duration of route and driving time, customer restrictions on delivery times, opening hours, etc.

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