All consulting projects are headed or carried out personally by Johannes Sautner, MSc, the founder and Managing Director of Sautner & Partner.

Johannes Sautner

  • Business information specialist; graduated from Vienna University
  • Research Award winner of the Austrian Society for Operations Research (ÖGOR)
  • Experienced, certified (CMC), and qualified management consultant (INCITE)


We support commercial and national banks, cash centres, and cash in transit companies in:

  • The strategic selection of sites and zones, process optimisation, and transport and warehouse solutions.
  • Preparing specifications for cash centre software, implementation monitoring, and software development (testing, monitoring).
  • Providing project leadership and project management for software projects (development, implementation, test, monitoring).

Reference projects

Warehouse logistic strategy

At the turn of the millennium we were part of the team that planned the switch from the Austrian schilling to the euro for the Austrian National Bank (OeNB) and the concomitant reorganisation of the Austrian cash handling process. It was our responsibility to develop a transport and warehouse logistics strategy.

Site and zone planning, and strategic optimisation of transport

This project identified the ideal number of production sites and warehouse sites for clients in Austria, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Croatia, Russia, Saudia-Arabia and UAE and created a road network map to solve problems related to warehouse location and vehicle-routing. Our goal was to calculate the shortest routes and display them in graphs.

Cost Optimisation software for dispatching freight wagons

Sautner & Partner designed and prototyped a software for the Austrian railway. Our goal was to cost optimize the daily dispatching of some 4,000 freight wagons of different types distributed throughout Austria, with a focus on reducing the the number of miles empty wagons drove without freight. This required linear optimization and forecasting methods that were still at a very early stage.

Cost Optimisation software for an empty pallet return

Here we designed and developed a software solution for optimal availability of empty pallets across Europe in the European pallet pool for the Austrian Federal Railways. Over twenty years later this solution is still used daily to efficiently manage the inter-European empty pallet inventory.

Define a Cash centre software

Conducting the IT specification for multiple cash processing centres.

EuroButler Simulation Model

Developing a simulation model to estimate the effects of the transition to the euro on the retail sector.

Role editor for a communication system between air traffic controllers

Developing a communication system to remotely configure the air traffic controllers touch-panel phones.

Data recording for a power plant in Austria

Designing and developing a software solution for configuring and displaying data such as pressure, tension, electric current, wind force, quantities of rain, and water level readings for over 130 channels

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