About Us

Sautner & Partner GmbH is an internationally-operating European software company, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, that develops, sells, integrates, and supports standard software solutions to optimize costs, security, transparency, and audit traceability in the cash supply chain.

Our software solutions are designed to help professional cash handlers to increase revenue and lower their total cost of operations while building loyalty and acquiring new customers.

We have in-depth knowledge of the cash logistics industry and are able to understand, react to, and target the specific needs of our clients. This enabled us to build software solutions that made us the market leader in Austria both for tracking and tracing and cash point management solutions.

Company History

Sautner & Partner was founded in 1997 by Johannes Sautner and has since designed and developed customized software solutions to optimize logistics processes in the steel, paper, concrete, food, railway, and aviation industries.

At the turn of the millennium, Sautner & Partner was selected to join the team planning both the 2002 changeover of the Austrian Schilling to the Euro for the Austrian National Bank and the reorganisation of the Austrian cash handling process. Sautner & Partner was responsible in developing and implementing a complete transport and warehouse logistics strategy.

Fascinated by the cash logistics industry and the potential for growth within it, in 2002 Sautner & Partner began to design, develop, and implement customized software solutions for professional cash handling market leaders in over six countries.

In 2009 Sautner & Partner was awarded a software project from GSA to optimize their ATM cash management to react to new hardware, location, and business requirements. Sautner & Partner designed and developed a cash management software solution that is efficient, cost-effective, and able to reliably forecast the optimal cash holdings for around 50% of Austria’s ATMs every day.

Johannes Sautner and his partners had a dream: to design and develop highly customizable standard software solutions that are easy to use, highly customizable, and cost effective, allowing all professional cash handlers, no matter their size, to optimize their cash supply chain and take on new opportunities.

In 2013 that dream was realized when Sautner & Partner introduced their CashPilot™ software suite to the market. CashPilot™ consists of CashPilot™CIT (CPC), a solution to audit track and trace shipments; CashPilot™OSM (CPO), a solution that optimizes driving routes for cash in transit; and Cash Pilot™ATM (CPA), a solution that optimizes cash point management and vault cash management, cash point and vault reconciliation, and cash machine incident and maintenance management.

The future of cash and its stakeholders depend heavily on balancing risk and cost along the cash supply chain. We are committed to consistently adapting our existing software and to bringing new software solutions to the market that supports people and businesses in the cash logistics industry who are at the forefront of balancing risks and costs.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best-in-class business software solutions and services to professional cash handlers, helping people and businesses reduce the cost of cash and increase their quality of service every day.

Our Vision

Our vision is to reduce the cost of cash with secure and reliable software solutions that make the cash supply chain more efficient and secure.

Our Core Values

Our three core values — Trustworthy, Customer Focused, and Innovative — are the basis for our thinking and all our actions.


We recognize trust as the key component in any relationship—personal or business—that we enter into, demanding that we always be honest and deliver on our promises. Our decisions are based on analysis and evidence, and we take responsibility for our own actions. We lead through trust and collaboration.

Customer Focused

We listen to our customers and develop software products based on their expressed needs. We resolve customers’ issues and respond quickly to changing conditions. We go beyond software to provide superior professional services and support. We are committed to excellence.


We have the willingness to embrace change and the discipline to question the status quo of our technology and methods in our efforts to continuously improve our software solutions and services, and to respond faster to changing conditions. We take intelligent risks and are accepting of failures to thrive through innovation. We embrace new ideas, technologies, and methods.

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